Hi 🤗

This is the blog to compliment my channel, or my channel to compliment blog, not quite decided the direction this is going yet.

There is going to be a small delay in the videos ,but it is coming, i can’t get the quality i would like to post so to start i will have a few blog posts and play catch up with the videos.

Anyway this is my introduction to the channel, if you want the TLDR then here it is:

  • Dad
  • Geek
  • Gamer
  • New blogger
  • Tech news
  • Reviews
  • Benchmarks
  • Linux

I’ve posted an about me page here for some more.

But anyway, I’m here to share, I’m putting my experience into a digital format for anyone who is interested. Interested in Technology, Linux, Gaming, Family, Tinkering and more.

I have recently moved to Linux so i would like to share this experience with you all, and hopefully help others do the same.

I am putting together a video series on this , how i got away from windows , what distro i chose and why, what troubles i faced and the community around linux that helped me stay here.

I’m also looking to do a Challenge series, not like 30 days of distro X or Y. So keep an eye out for this.

I plan also to bring a family element to the blog/channel, I feel this is a lacking in a lot of tech channels, and I feel it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Not to dig much into it at this stage so I won’t.

So for now,that’s it, I’ll see you around.

Feel free to leave a comment below.